About Us

Acoustics Engineering (AE) is a developer of systems for the prediction and measurement of acoustical parameters. On this website you will find user friendly tools that will let you perform fast and accurate acoustical measurements and calculations.

Acoustics Engineering was established in 1987 by four students from the Technical University of Eindhoven. At that time the young company concentrated on consultancy, focusing on room acoustics. One of the strengths of AE is the successful integration of several specializations, being acoustics, electronics, mechanics and software. This led to the development of specialized software and equipment to support the consultancy activities.

Some 10 years after the founding of the company, the focus shifted from consultancy to product development. AE now works exclusively on the development of acoustics related software and equipment.

In 2002 AE entered into a partnership with Brüel & Kjær of Nærum, Denmark. Through this partnership Brüel & Kjær has become the sole worldwide distributor of the room acoustics software Dirac, the omnidirectional sound source type 4292, the power amplifier type 2734 and the Echo Speech Source type 4720.