Zircon V2

Zircon V2 - EN 1793 In Situ Noise Barrier Measurement System

Zircon V2 LS24 + MA24


The Zircon V2 is a complete measurement system for road traffic noise reducing devices in accordance with EN 1793-3:1997, EN 1793-5:2016 and EN 1793-6:2018. Compared to earlier versions (supported by the original Zircon system), these updated standards have been improved by implementing a microphone grid.

The Zircon V2 comprises a loudspeaker unit (source), a 3x3-microphone array (measurement grid), a control interface, PC software DIRAC 7 or higher and optionally a power bank for off-grid operation.


  • Complete system for EN 1793 compliant in situ measurements
  • Easy setup with few cables
  • Loudspeaker unit and 3x3-microphone array fitted with standard screw threads
  • Compact CI24 Control Interface contains multi-channel sound device and power amplifier
  • Included tripods suitable for difficult terrain
  • Includes protective flight-cases for Microphone array and Control Interface transport
  • DIRAC software running on a PC (not included) performs impulse response measurements, provides all data to adjust the setup (INR, Rsub, time delays and Cgain), applies Adrienne temporal windowing, using the signal subtraction technique [5] to extend the frequency range and calculates the noise barrier parameters (RI, DLRI, SI, DLSI).
  • Included spreadsheets calculate the final noise barrier parameters, taking into account the geometrical divergence of the sound Cgeo, LS24 sound source directivity Cdir, the acoustic channel gain changes Cgain and the normalized traffic noise spectrum as defined in EN 1793-3.

You can download the Zircon V2 datasheet including all specifications as a pdf.


Application Information

DIRAC (version 7) generates sound via the CA24 interface through the LS24 loudspeaker, which is emitted towards the noise reducing device NRD. The reflected or transmitted sound is picked up by the MA24 microphone array and recorded by DIRAC via the CI24 interface.
From the NRD measurements and the corresponding free-field measurements (away from the NRD), the intrinsic acoustic characteristics of the NRD are determined.

Zircon V2 connections





Instructions on the use of DIRAC 7 and the Zircon V2 system for EN 1793-5 reflection measurements measurements, as well as auxiliary files can be downloaded in a single ZIP file containing the following items:

  • EN 1793-5 AE Measurement Procedure 1.0
  • EN 1793-5 solution spreadsheet
  • ProjectReflection Dirac script

Reflection measurement setup
Reflection measurement setup





Instructions on the use of DIRAC 7 and the Zircon V2 system for EN 1793-6 transmission measurements measurements, as well as auxiliary files can be downloaded in a single ZIP file containing the following items:

  • EN 1793-6 AE Measurement Procedure 1.0
  • EN 1793-6 solution spreadsheet
  • ProjectTransmission Dirac script

Transmission measurement setup
Transmission measurement setup

Zircon V2 Components and ordering information

Description Order code
LS24 Loudspeaker
Medium tripod

Loudspeaker unit
CA12 Speakon cable 10 m
Carrying bag
Tripod for 2.1 m speaker height


Speakon extension cable
10 m
20 m
50 m
100 m







MA24 Microphone array
Tripod for array

Microphone Array
Flight case microphone array
Tripod for 2.1 m center mic height
CA24 multi-cable (DB25) 10 m
9 x AEM-01 IEPE microphone
9 x WS01 windscreen
Storage box for 9 x AEM-01 + WS01


Extension multi-cable
10 m
25 m

Spare AEM-01 microphone
Spare windshield









CI24 Control interface


Control Interface
Behringer XR18 interface
PI18 P48/IEPE converter
PA24 power amplifier
Interconnection cables
Flight case
USB cable
Mains power cable

Power bank, 230 VAC
Inverter, powered from car battery








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