AEM-01 Microphone

The AEM-01 is a ½” omnidirectional free-field electret condenser IEPE1 sound measurement microphone, intended to be used as a cost-effective solution for situations that demand accurate measurement results, but do not require type approved measurement equipment. Typical use is in the fields of research, investigation, education and monitoring under non-extreme conditions.

Each AEM-01 microphone is traceably calibrated against a reference microphone, being the Brüel & Kjær Microphone Unit Type 4189-A-021. The supplied calibration data includes pressure field, free field, and random incidence responses in twelfth, third and full octave frequency bands ranging from 20 Hz through 20 kHz.

By applying the calibration data, measured sound pressure levels have an uncertainty of only 0.2 dB with respect to the reference microphone, in each third octave frequency band from 20 Hz through 10 kHz.

The AEM-01 is perfectly suited for parameters based on relative sound energies, which applies to the vast majority of acoustic parameters, such as in room and building acoustics.

1 Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric, also known as CCLD (Constant Current Line Drive), ICP® (Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric) or DeltaTron®

AEM-01 Microphone


  • Cost-effective solution for typical measurement situations
  • Pressure field, free field and random incidence response calibration data included
  • Low response uncertainty re reference: 0.2 dB (20 Hz – 10 kHz third octave bands)
  • Perfectly suitable for parameters based on relative energies
  • Full audio frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Equivalent noise floor: 14 dB SPL (A-weighted)
  • Maximum input level: 119 dB (1 kHz)
  • Fits standard ½” sound level calibrator
  • IEPE compatible, equipped with BNC connector
  • Low impedance allows use of long cables


AEM-01 Microphone box top


  • Room acoustical measurements
  • Building acoustical measurements
  • Road traffic noise barrier measurements
  • Measuring sound pressure levels under normal conditions
  • Multi-channel acoustical measurements
  • Speech intelligibility and speech privacy measurements
  • Acoustical measurements requiring calibrated sound levels


AEM-01 Microphone box bottom


Typical third-octave free-field response
AEM-01 free-field response


You can download the AEM-01 datasheet including all specifications as a pdf.


Accessories and ordering

Description Order code
AEM-01 Microphone
½” omnidirectional free-field electret condenser IEPE microphone (including calibration data) AEM-01
BNC cable
BNC cable
2 m
10 m
50 m
100 m
MS01 Mic-stand coupler
Microphone/Stand coupler ½”-15mm MS01 (black)
AEXB01 P48/IEPE Input Adapter
P48/IEPE Input Adapter
Converts a P48 phantom power microphone input
to an IEPE microphone input.